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eric smith

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May 16, 2012

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“I’m just saying”

  • May 16, 2012, 10:21am

people that say im just saying dont realize that just saying your words you already dissed somebody without thinkin bout what you just said.there is a process without using thought and logic because it's america and many ppl just open their mouth without realizing the concenses of their words.for example if a man said to a woman he dont even know yo you got a fat ass and the woman says what? the man would reply stupidly im just saying you got a fat ass without even getting to know that person he yes it can be insulting because in society you cant cure stupitdy.but he used a poor choice of words when looking at the just saying he said to the lady is telling her she knows she has a big rear but he annouced it to the world without thought and felt like saying it because the world is covered with 90 percent idiots who say the dumbest things without thinking .plus it showed his lack of class and judgement.with the american education system down the toilet and we're near dead last we better step our game up.otherwise saying im just saying after a insult gonna lead to more funerals.point im just saying because people dont get to the point after they say it.end.