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Conversate sounds ignorant. It's either conversing or talking. We were "conversating" sounds stupid but most people don't say "We were conversing..." but they do say "We were talking..." Why not just say WE WERE TALKING?

U/Ur drives me nuts. I know people who write out every other word in the English language except for you and your. Why?

Definitely has no a in it and losing only has one o.

Most people will say or write "my bad" when the term comes from saying "Am I bad" rapidly and should be written as 'mi bad. But most people have no clue that it's not literally "my bad." I can forgive that one but not all the above.

It's not that conversate is so horrible but it's just another example of people accepting idiocy as "whatever."

Suzane May 11, 2012, 2:51pm

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