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words, words, words...

Could anybody tell me what these words above might mean or refer to? I’d be very, very grateful...

teletubbified, beefcakeosity, blubsome, hamburger junction, horseburger (do we really produce that kind of stuff??), jelly-bagging, rocktabulous, froogle, trammel-netter, woo-woo book, telangiectasia, truncus arteriosus. :-)))

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I can do a few.
teletubbified is the description of the mesmerized state of very young children watching Teletubbies on tv
beefcakeosity is (teen) slang for the hunkiness (attractiveness) of a human male
froogle is a mix of google and frugal and I think it is a real web service for smart buying

Janet September 8, 2005, 6:26am

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"Rocktabulous" is "rock" combined with "fabulous," and I guess that T comes from "fantastic" or somewhere like that. Your favorite rock band, or the concert you saw last night, might be described as "rocktabulous."

"Horseburger" could literally be horsemeat (I'm sure somebody somewhere has eaten it), or more likely is a disparaging term for a low-quality hamburger.

Could "telangiectasia" be a state of ecstasy displayed by a televangelist? I guess not, without a V in there.

mara September 13, 2005, 7:12am

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Google is your friend! It will tell you that:
* a "hamburger junction" is the English word for a through-about, which is some kind of roundabout
* "jelly-bagging" is eating drugged jelly
* a "trammel-netter" is a kind of Indian fishing boat
* a "woo-woo book" is a New-Age-type book (about auras or chakras or reincarnation or energy fields or UFOs or whatever)
* "telangiectasia" and "truncus arteriosus" are problems with blood vessels.

It will also tell you that all these words came from The Guardian newspaper < Guardian writers are the sort of people who are likely to make up words on the spot, assuming that you'll be able to work out the meaning of agglomerations like "beefcakeosity" by yourself.

mpt September 20, 2005, 3:48pm

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Telletubbified means very childish and immature and is the opposite of the British Grannified meaning old fashioned or out-moded.
Horse Burger is just that, they are sold in France and are really nice; if you don't think about what it is)
I am English but have never heard mpt's use of hamburger junction.
Blubsome is a colloquial English term for a tear jerker.
Jelly Bagging means eating drugged jellies which is another method of spreading Rohypnol (the 'Date Rape' drug) as well as spiking people's drinks.
Froogle is just google's way of spelling frugal which means tight fisted or cheap.

Anthony September 26, 2005, 2:27am

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My friends and I always used horseburger when referring to macdonald's hamburgers, suggesting that macdonald's food is garbage, yet we eat it anyways =S - Also used is "fatburger".

Also, rocktabulous I'm guessing comes from fantabulous - a fusion of fantastic and fabulous - to mean it's good rock. I personally think the word sucks and should never be used, as well as beefcakeosity.

Teletubbified? Probably used to define the entranced state of anyone who watches the show because it's so darn ridiculous.. but somehow it always snags me in when I see that guy in the sun.. maybe because it's the closest thing to an acid trip. Who knows..

Hamburger junction? Hahaha sounds like it's synonomous with "heaven".. like it's an intersection of roads where all the stores up and down the roads are burger places. mmm... lunch time

Mike September 26, 2005, 4:48am

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actually at most grocery stores you can buy ground horse meat that looks like ground beef. only found that out the other day though because it looks almost the exact same as beef. the word is probably not that literal though

Scott September 26, 2005, 8:10am

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Froogle is a store owned by google.

the rest was covered

Chris September 26, 2005, 9:00am

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