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For a normal bibliography entry for an internet resource, one must include the author’s name, title of site, date of document, date of access, and of course the URL.

What happens if my resource is the excellent Wikipedia? A site that I do not know the original author of the article or the date the article was published? Would I have to leave all the info I don’t know blank, or add “Not Applicable?”

Also, if most of my references are from different articles (e.g. Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus, Copernicus etc) but from the same website (Wikipedia) do they have to be seperate or listed all in the same entry?


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Different articles would have different urls so you would have to reference them seperately.

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This is an excellent topic to consult the Wikipedia about.

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Actually, Wikipedia is not a reliable internet source. Anyone can add anything they want to Wikipedia. They have people that check the information on Wikipedia, but they sometimes miss things. We are not allowed to use Wikipedia as a source at the University of Georgia.

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