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1st generation by definition with regards to immigration is the person or persons who were born elsewhere and immigrated to the U.S. Second generation in regards to immigration are those who are born here. Here's an example, I have a friend who moved here when he was 6 years old from Grenada with his mother who was 26 and his grandmother who was 46. They are all 1st generation Americans by definition in regards to immigration. Of course there is a great deal of difference between the 3 generations of 1 generation of Americans. We may have to start using subcategories like the 1.5 generation definition which would refer to the 6 year old in this case. He has an American accent and views while his parents and grandparents are much more "old world" as would be expected. None of them can become president as none were born in America...maybe we should look at changing that law too? Ask Aronld what he thinks about that?

J.C. January 1, 2012, 7:15pm

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