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My Pastor uses ideal inappropriately instead of idea all the time. It really bothers me and I was concerned about whether to correct him on this or not. I have never heard anyone else do this, and so I was curious about whether anyone else had. Interesting to find this blog and read all the comments and observations, some of which are unfortunately insenstive to the point of rudeness.

I don't think he is stupid, but I do think it makes him sound less intelligent by saying ideal instead of idea. He also mispronounces a few other words from time to time. Even worse, he will occasionally use a similar sounding word, and I had to draw the line on correcting him when he spoke in a sermon once of Sexual Imortality instead of Imorality. Of course I was not going to jump up during services and point this out. At first I thought it was just a Freudian slip, and did not say anything. When I later heard him make the same mistake in a small group prayer meeting, I could not help myself - and pointed out the discrepancy. He has not used the word since.

I do not believe his speech issues are strictly a dialectic thing. Perhaps they are associated to a speech disorder or simply lack of attention to and comprehension of proper pronunciation. I wonder what speech pathologists have to say about this?

Deacon October 30, 2011, 10:23am

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