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I and I

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wow there's a ton of speculation about the actual could mean many different things depending on the listener however the intended meaning I believe came from a personal experience (the inspiration), but the meaning is more general to women suffering in trench town and in a religious and political sense more about the state of affairs in general in relation to rastafari beliefs. " In this great future we can't forget our past" is not so literal to the woman, but more general speaking to a living history that is part of Rastafari and speaks to people not living their history which is prophetic, but getting caught up in other concepts of a great future like heaven which Rastafari belief is found here on Earth. "this great future" is not necessarily a good thing unless you interpret it to be attached to the rastafari concept of "everliving" and immortality rather than heaven. If you look deeper into Rastafarian beliefs it makes more sense!

I and I July 5, 2011, 6:30am

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