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Dianne with 2 ns

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I have never responded to something like this on the computer, but my oldest son challenged the pronunciation of "aunt" and this has been a family topic since I was a child (now in my 60s). My aunt (awnt) was a speech therapist and came home and announced (Minn) that the word was correctly said like taunt - reasonable, right? I also cringe as I hear "ant" and therefore brought up my four sons to say "awnt" as in taunt. My oldest son, now in Turkey and taking a course from Cambridge University just challenged that once again saying that it should be "ant".

I will have to say that discovering this website has been a delight and shows me that a word such as aunt is a choice! And mine will never change because my "Awnt" Dot said it was the right way!!! How do people from other countries ever learn our language?! Thanks for a delightful conversation.

Dianne with 2 ns June 11, 2011, 3:45am

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