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Let’s drop back a few yards and take a broad look at this word “conversate”
First let us address the question of is it or is it not a “proper” word. I’ll confess up front that I anti-up my thoughts from the liberal persuasion of… why not?
Just because it may not be in a certain dictionary doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Where did all those “Proper English” words come from in the first place? Did someone just pop up out of the ground and start handing out “Proper English” dictionaries to people who spoke another? Of course not. I dare say every word in every dictionary in every language was spoken before it was written. It simply takes some stodgy person making major decisions at the “should we or should we not” desk a few years, more or less, to rise from that desk, walk down to the nearest place where people conversate and catch up on the latest spoken word.
The sole purpose of words is to communicate human thought. Therefore any word which passes that test is a “proper” word. Ain’t it?

Scotsman May 25, 2014, 12:51pm

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