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Chy Anne Autumn

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First, I'd like to point out that I write fiction. I also copy-edit a lot fiction, and answer A would almost always be changed, just because of the comical mistakes that come up. I've been part of the same writing group for twenty years (both fiction and nonfiction), and these types of phrases come up all the time, usually with some laughter and confusion, followed by some rewriting.

I thought D might be the most complete answer to the original question, but definitely clumsy. I like Warsaw Will's rewritten answer D. But just so you know what I'm referring to as comical, here is an example.

"Although she was only six, the dog accepted her anyway." In this case we are talking about a six year old child, but it sounds like the dog is six.

"It held the scent of her, but his nose could not locate her in the crowd." "it" sounds like his nose, but "It" probably refers to the crowd, or even possibly the air. The only place I want to imagine a nose holding the scent of someone is in a vampire book, a werewolf story, or something similar. I mean, can you imagine if we added names? "It held the scent of her, but Johnny Depp's nose could not locate Angelina Jolee in the crowd." Ha, ha. These two actors were in The Tourist, not The Twilight Saga.

I love this site.

Chy Anne Autumn January 9, 2013, 5:46am

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